Introducing Breakout Productivity: An All-in-one Self-Help Book

Rob Thorpe
3 min readJun 10, 2019


Breakout Productivity on Amazon

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my first book, Breakout Productivity. It’s best described as an all-in-one self-help book. It gives readers guidance to execute on their best ideas, ventures, and goals.

Breakout Productivity is purposely brief: it’s straight to the point and comes in at just over 100 pages. It’s filled with proven self-help methods, interactive exercises, tool recommendations, hacks and more.

I self-published this book using Amazon’s direct publishing, it is available on Amazon here. If you are interested in self-publishing a book, follow me for future posts on that topic.

In this story I will cover why I wrote it and what it’s about.

The Self-Help Problem

I have always been a self-help book nerd. I would read every one I could get my hands on, hoping to improve myself. There are endless self-help books out there, and I’ve read more than I can count.

Some are about creative enlightenment. Some are about productivity. Some are about hacks. Some are about making income. There are SO many things you can learn about on your self-improvement journey.

Unfortunately for the average reader, we are stuck with tons of learnings, and it’s up to us to piece it together.

Breakout Productivity tackles that problem with a system of actionable steps to select ideas, execute on them, and succeed.

Enter Breakout Productivity — The Book

At one point I finally found a set of strategies, principles, and tools that created the perfect mix for me. It felt like I had found a “cheat code” to productivity. I was performing at a higher level than ever before, and the results were following. I knew I was onto something and decided to share with the world by writing this book.

My idea was to make it more of a “guide book” that has interactive exercises and call-to-action. Limiting it to 100 pages ensures it doesn’t include any fluff, and is instantly valuable to the reader.

While the reader would best benefit from following all of the lessons in Breakout Productivity, most chapters are also valuable as stand-alone.

Sections of Breakout Productivity

Here’s how the book is laid out — in 6 major parts.

  1. Select: Teaches you methods to identify WHAT to focus on and how to evaluate what to work on over time.
  2. Workflow: Teaches you HOW to track, prioritize, and complete your tasks efficiently.
  3. Execute: Focuses on strategies that enable you to EXECUTE more efficiently and in a bigger way than ever before.
  4. Automate: Teaches you how to MAXIMIZE your productive output by using automation techniques and artificial intelligence tools.
  5. Live It: Coaches you to truly EMBRACE what you’re working on and how to conduct your everyday life in a way that naturally progresses your goals.
  6. Platform: Teaches you how to create PLATFORMS for your ideas, ventures, and goals that enable success.

What IS Breakout Productivity, and what is it NOT?

Here is some context about what this book IS, and what this book is NOT.

Breakout Productivity IS:

  • a clear cut, no fluff, book about productivity and achieving your goals
  • a practical, actionable handbook
  • packed with specific calls to action and interactive exercises
  • highly influenced from the best self-help books in existence
  • a book that includes the latest 2019 tools and methods
  • entrepreneurial in spirit
  • filled with useful lessons in each section
  • most effective when all the sections are combined

Breakout Productivity IS NOT:

  • a gimmicky sales or get rich quick book
  • a heavy worded book filled with stories and filler sections
  • filtered through a publishing company, it’s what I want to write
  • outdated or stale
  • dumbed down
  • overly complex and long


The purpose of this post was to create a one-pager overview of my book to share with my connections on Medium. If you’d like to buy a copy, head over to Amazon.

I thoroughly enjoyed making Breakout Productivity. I hope it can give readers the boost they need to achieve success and tackle that big idea or goal. I will be writing more about productivity, career growth, and life hacks in the future.



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